Don’t worry about your next septic tank or parking curb order being stuck on a ship!  

At Del Zotto Precast Concrete, we take pride in American-made products that are ready for pickup or delivery. In fact, our products are made right here in America at our Texas Facilities. 

We’re happy to serve the greater Houston area and beyond for any of your precast concrete needs — whether that’s one or a few parking curbs, a new septic tank or reinforced concrete pipes and box culverts. We can deliver right to you or have your products ready for delivery. Just remember, you dig, Del Zotto delivers! 

Buying our products that are made right here in Texas is a great matter of principle, but it’s also great for logistics. Your next reinforced concrete pipe or septic tank was made in our controlled environment, and placed through rigorous quality control testing. We’ve earned this great reputation with our name for more than 50 years. Knowing that your products are precast concrete saves time and waste from onsite concrete pours, and knowing that your precast concrete comes from a family owned business with a team who are experts in the field gives you peace of mind. 

More recently, that also gives you a newer peace of mind: The closer to the job your product is made, the less chance of a manufacturing or freight delay. Throughout the fall, the world has experienced more supply chain issues and shipping delays, related to mounting global events, an increase in demand and employment shortages. 

However, the shortage you’ve read about over the last few months has largely affected companies who outsource some or all of their production relying on foreign ports and international suppliers. While we are all subject to potential delays in our current world, our close relationships with our American Made suppliers and industry leaders have kept interruptions to our workflow to a minimum. We’re lucky to have a strong Texas team of professionals who are ready to help you. 

Whether you’re making an update to your business or your home, or need products for your next construction bid, Del Zotto is here to help with timely delivery, ready-to-go pickup and friendly customer service you can count on. Give us a call today!