As COVID-19 took the world by storm, people rightfully sung praises for America’s heroes: first responders, medical personnel, essential workers, among others. 

As the world tries to shift into a “new normal,” other unsung heroes have helped us adjust and even find joy in the activities we loved before the pandemic. Decision makers at parks and campgrounds, for one, have had to make even tougher decisions than in past years. 

They’ve had to decide whether to reopen their facilities, as well as how to reopen when it was time. These facilities often provide a much-needed, serene getaway. But it’s as important as ever to keep these spaces clean and safe for visitors.

One relatively simple way to offer a clean and safe park or campground is by purchasing precast concrete toilet vaults, or even restrooms. A precast concrete toilet vault sits on top of a holding tank or a septic tank. They’re easy to power-wash inside, so no need to spend your already precious time cleaning the latrine. 

After you have power-washed your precast concrete toilet vault, the precast concrete structure is easy to keep sanitary. Toilet vaults from Del Zotto Precast Concrete come paired with a Del Zotto Septic Tank, as well as an ADA-approved toilet riser and doors installed.  These units are turn key, delivered and set. You provide the hole for the holding tank. Just remember, you dig, Del Zotto delivers! 

Of course, toilet vaults don’t always cut it. Some campgrounds — and even parks — take pride in offering full shower and/or restroom facilities to their guests. Never to fear! You can also purchase a precast concrete restroom. 

Del Zotto Precast Concrete offers both a single and a double restroom unit, with the availability of plumbing provided by your plumbing contractor. Like a toilet vault, these facilities can be power-washed easily, and kept sanitary thereafter. This only adds to the level of pride you take in the facilities you offer, not to mention that extra-safety checklist you’ve been keeping this year. 

If erecting a brand-new building onsite sounds like a hassle, keep in mind that construction is relatively simple. Del Zotto Precast Concrete can arrive onsite and have your new structure built within a day. You provide the slab for the building and we deliver the walls and roof. Both our precast-concrete toilet vaults and restrooms require little-to-no maintenance in the years after construction. 

Perhaps the best news is that long after words like “COVID-19” and “pandemic” are topics of the past, your park’s toilet vault or restroom will still be standing and in working order, with little to no maintenance. Del Zotto Precast Concrete promises durable, long-lasting products. 

Another provision that keeps both our toilet vaults and our restroom facilities clean is the fact that precast concrete won’t rust, rot or crack. Consider an outhouse made of wood. Like all structures made from wood, rotting — often with termites — may become an inevitable process. You want to keep the inside sanitary. However, you also don’t want to worry about the structure’s safety, itself. 

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