We’ve written about how precast concrete is safe, durable and even cost-effective.

But did you know that precast concrete is also the most sustainable and environmentally conscious choice for your next home or business project?

Here are four reasons why!

  1. How our products are manufactured

    Precast concrete creates little waste when it’s built off-site. Our molds can be used over and over, while formworks used at the site of a concrete pour are often discarded after being used at that site.

    The controlled environment where our precast concrete products are manufactured also helps to eliminate more waste in the process itself! No leftover waste is left in the readymix concrete truck! Fewer debris and waste also means far less redundancy than onsite concrete pours.

  2. How long our products last

    Whether you purchase a septic tank, reinforced concrete pipe or parking curb, you can trust that you won’t need consistent maintenance or replacement over the life of the structure.

    This means that you’ve just saved yourself both from using more construction materials, and from replacing materials like wood, rubber and plastic with more wood, rubber and plastic.

    While rotting wood beckons a new tree to be cut down or worn out rubber calls for new rubber to be made, your precast concrete is steadfast and will last beyond the life of other materials.

  3. The makeup of precast concrete

    Did you know that precast concrete has a low water to cement ratio? Additionally, precast concrete’s thermal mass allows heat to shift and loads in a structure to cool. This makes the precast concrete more sustainable.

    The steel reinforcement in our products, namely the rebar, in and of itself can contain recycled steel. This helps us guarantee that your product will stand the test of time while knowing that recycled materials are present when conditions permit.

  4. The ease of installation

    Because our precast concrete products are made in a controlled environment, they come ready to install quicker and easier than other products. This also calls for a quicker install than concrete products that were poured onsite.

    Just remember, when it comes to your next product such as a septic tank or precast concrete pipe, you dig, Del Zotto delivers!

Ready to purchase your next precast concrete product knowing it helps the environment? Give us a call or send a message for a quote today!