Del Zotto Products has been serving the industry nationwide producing Precast Concrete Grease Traps for over 50 years.  When you choose Del Zotto as your septic tank supplier you are not only getting the best septic tank the industry has to offer, you are getting the years of support and expertise in the market that is second to none.  We manufacture Commercial Grease Traps from 500 Gallon to 20,000 Gallons to serve nearly any size Grease management plan.

Del Zotto Precast concrete Grease Traps meet or exceed all local and state requirements.

QUALITY — Del Zotto Grease Traps are manufactured in a controlled environment ensuring consistent quality and structure.  We monitor all materials used to ensure consistent quality and ensure product performance.

WATERTIGHT — Del Zotto Concrete Grease Traps are sealed to protect the environment.  Del Zotto Grease Traps are the environmentally friendly as they do not break down like steel tanks that rust out or fiberglass tanks that become brittle with age and crack under the weight of the earth around it.

DELIVERY — You Dig and Del Zotto Delivers the tank as well as places it into the hole quickly and easily with our truck.

Standard Sizes Include:

  • 500 Gallon Single Compartment, Roun
  • 1000 Gallon Single Compartment or Two Compartment
  • 1500 Gallon Single Compartment or Two Compartment

Contact us to discuss custom size grease traps as we can support sizing up to 20,000 gallons.