Del Zotto Products Precast Concrete Parking Curbs are made using 5,000 PSI concrete, insuring the highest quality product and durability for years to come.  We are the leading manufacturer of parking curbs for Retail Installations, Industrial Facilities, Schools, Churches, Building Contractors, and Property Managers.  Del Zotto Parking bumpers will aid in protect structures and objects from being struck by a vehicle.  They can also be used to line sidewalks to protect pedestrians from parked cars and light trucks.  Our Parking Bumpers are designed to withstand the impacts of vehicles while also minimizing impact pressure exerted on the object that has struck the parking curb.

Our oversized parking curb is available for installations where Semi Trucks, Semi Trailers and other heavy vehicles need a permanent parking stop.  This is an excellent option for Rest Areas, Truck Stops and Warehouses where a standard curb is not as effective.

Steel Anchors are also available to secure the parking curb to the parking lot surface. Anchor holes are cast into the parking curb to ensure fast and easy installation.

Parking Curbs Sizes:
3’Long – Weight 125 lbs
6’ Long – Weight 250 lbs
Oversize Parking curb is 15” Wide x 10” Tall x 8’ Long  Weighs 1000 Lbs.

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