Del Zotto’s full line of Drainage products includes reinforced concrete pipe.

Reinforced Precast Concrete Pipe is a superior alternative to other types of pipe for several reasons.  Reinforced concrete pipe is more durable, dependable, and structurally sound.  It has a useful life the exceeds other products. The Structure of RCP is engineered to support the weight of the ground around it as well as the live load on the surface above.

Meets and exceeds ASTM C-76 standards.

Regular D-Load Testing done in accordance with ASTM C-497

Sizes available for reinforced concrete pipe:

12” – 15” – 18” – 24” – 30” – 36” – 48” – 54” – 60” –72”


We Stock Concrete Pipe!

Custom Bend and Fitting Sections Available

Del Zotto Products Reinforced Concrete Pipe is manufactured with the Del Zotto Commitment to Quality and service. Del Zotto manufactures a complete line of reinforced concrete pipe, box culverts, manholes, lift stations, catch basins and other precast concrete products.

Available for Pickup or Delivery, unloaded onsite.

Let Del Zotto Products supply you concrete pipe on all your projects.  Contact us at 1-877-335-9688 for a prompt competitive quote