We’re just about to step into 2023 and you might be trying to find ways to bring your business into the new year with you. You can easily leave 2022 behind by finding ways to spruce up your business. Precast concrete is a great and easy way to brighten up your location by taking out old, cracked, and crumbling concrete and replacing it with fresh, durable new concrete in its place!

What is precast concrete?

You may be wondering what makes precast concrete different from regular concrete. As the name suggests, it’s simply concrete that’s made up in a different location than where it’s being used. Precast concrete is very versatile and has a variety of benefits including:

  • Tightest quality controls
  • A more reliable curing process
  • Weather is no longer an issue
  • The best forms and materials

And more! 

4 ways you can use precast concrete to improve your business

While precast concrete can get heavy, there’s not much that can’t be made using this method, especially for commercial buildings because it’s easy to precast walls! Here are some easy ways that you can improve your business:

1. Precast concrete buildings

Precast concrete is perfect for concrete buildings whether you’re building a large structure or a simple storage facility. Whatever you need, the slabs that make up the walls of concrete buildings can be easily and reliably done using the precast method. Because precast concrete can be more controlled during mixing, setting, and curing, the product is going to be much more sturdy and dependable. 

If you’re looking for new walls for the sides of an existing building, a new building, or a storage unit, you’ll be able to give your business a fresh new look using this method! 

2. Front Steps

If you have steps anywhere around your business location, you must have steps that are in good condition. Not only will this make your business look better and more attractive, but bad steps can be a hazard. With cracks and crumbles, people can easily slip or trip on steps that are no longer in good condition. 

Precasting steps is an easy way to get new ones installed and they’re incredibly durable, lasting up to 50 years! 

 3. Reinforced concrete pipe and box culverts

Our reinforced precast concrete pipe is a better drainage alternative to other pipes due to the fact it’s more structurally sound, durable, and dependable. Its structure is engineered to support the weight of the ground around it as well as the live load on the surface above.

As a result, you can rest assured that your reinforced precast concrete pipe will be able to withstand any type of pressure or stress put on it.

Concrete box culverts are a cost-effective and durable alternative to traditional concrete pipe. They are designed to drain a greater volume of water than concrete pipe, making them ideal for areas where frequent or high volumes of storm water runoff are expected. Box Culverts have been used in material handling systems, for the building of tunnels, and as a substitute for a traditional bridge.

4. Parking curbs and barriers

Parking curbs and barriers are great for parking lots as they prevent cars from getting too close to other vehicles and running into the sidewalk, and help to keep dirt and debris from blowing around on a windy day. However, these concrete structures can wear out over many many years of service. Not only do they start to look unsightly, but they’re no longer able to do their job as well as new ones. 

Precast concrete is perfect for parking curbs and barriers as it’s easy to repeat the same unique structure over and over. Making them off site and then bringing them to you will be a quick and easy way to take the old ones out and replace them with fresh new ones for a more beautiful parking lot!

The takeaway

While there are several ways that you can use precast concrete to give your business a new look, these are just some of the most popular ways that we help owners spruce up their location! If you’re interested in discussing how we can help you for 2023, contact us for more information!