In the Texas Triangle and neighboring states, we understand the dangers of our strong thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes that can occur. As a family run company, we understand the importance of keeping family safe and it is our number one priority when it comes to our precast concrete storm shelter. They protect your family from tornadoes, hurricanes, and other high winds in excess of 150 mph. 

Guidelines for Precast Concrete Storm Shelters

A precast concrete storm shelter constructed in compliance with FEMA regulations will offer immediate protection as soon as storm warnings are issued. The shelter can be built underground or above ground.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has set guidelines for shelters. 

Shelters should be:

  • Located in an area that is immediately accessible.
  • Constructed with walls, roof and doors resistant to windblown objects.
  • Constructed in an area where flooding does not occur.

A family shelter should have five square feet of space for each person. The shelter should have a comfortable place to sit while in use and be stocked with water, first aid supplies, and other provisions. Emergency radios and other communication devices are highly recommended.

Tornadoes move through within a short time, but the damage can be devastating. Hurricanes may stall in one area for hours pouring rain along with high winds. You need to stay safely in place comfortably until the storm system clears.

Construction Standards

All safe room shelters should be constructed according to strict standards. These requirements produce a safe shelter with its resistance to high winds, rain, and even hail.

Resistance to the extreme weather comes from the design and weight of the walls along with the suction force from the soil beneath the concrete slab. The precast walls of the structure are also resistant to cracks and fissures.

An area with higher elevation, outside, close to the home is good locations for a storm shelter. A precast concrete shelter can also be placed in a garage or outside if it is securely anchored to an existing concrete foundation. 

The stand-alone shelter will have a watertight roof and adhere to strict manufacturing  standards for walls and floors.

A Del Zotto underground shelter is only partially buried. Access can be through a door from the outside of a building or through the garage.

Storm Shelters for Texas Weather

We can remember dangerous tornadoes that have affected us and our families in recent years. 

Del Zotto Products manufactures safe and secure precast concrete storm shelters for homes and commercial buildings throughout the greater Houston area in Texas and also neighboring states. We manufacture flexible underground and above ground shelters for lifesaving security during all extreme weather conditions.

The thick precast concrete walls are reinforced with steel. Above ground structures stand 83″ tall while the underground shelters are 80′ in height. The in-ground shelters have easy access from above ground level. All structures are vented for good airflow.

Install a precast concrete storm shelter in your home before the start of the Texas tornado and hurricane seasons. Keep yourself and your family safe with a company you can trust.