You’ve chosen your next construction project — or won the bid for it — and now you’ve got to focus on project cost. 

It’s important to make sure your project stays on budget and that your budget is affordable from the beginning. But everywhere you look, you’re not only reading about higher costs for materials such as lumber and steel. You’re seeing the costs, yourself. 

One way to save cost in your next project? Consider using precast concrete as a lower-cost material. You may have read that investing in concrete septic tanks or culverts will last you longer, but cost more than other materials. That’s not quite true, both in the long and short term. 

In the short term, the prices of many materials are skyrocketing, due in part from ongoing global events. Cost of wood, for example, reached as high as thousands of dollars per 1,000 board feet. 

But wood isn’t the only material giving contractors pain. In the magazine “Construction Dive,” one contractor reported that the rebar he purchased to pour onsite concrete raised 20% per short ton. 

The height of the pandemic created a shortage in the production of building materials, while at the same time many stuck at home rushed into home DIY projects. Meanwhile, lower interest rates created a boost in builds for new homes and businesses! Which, as you can guess, created quite a demand.

While industries are working to increase the supply, the demand doesn’t seem to be decreasing quickly. Today, purchasing precast concrete provides even greater value in construction. We will continue to do our very best to keep our prices as low as we can while navigating the current supply markets. We have a wide range of trusted suppliers that we have built strong relationships with over many decades. 

Like we’ve written about before, when our team pours concrete using our trusted forms to create your needed products — whether that’s a new parking curb or septic tank — you get more consistent product quality than pouring concrete onsite. Precast concrete, manufactured in a Del Zotto facility is cheaper than paying and planning for rebar, materials and equipment to pour onsite, especially when the materials’ cost has spiked.

We already know that our precast concrete septic tanks, reinforced concrete pipe and box culverts will stand the test of time, and will outlive those made of steel. Now, the quality may actually save you some money as well. 

There’s no question that your next set of porch steps or out building will last much longer than if they were made of wood. We likely do not need to tell you that a wooden storm shelter in Texas just will not do! 

So if you’re looking for materials to help offset high costs during these times, just upgrade the quality! Precast concrete may be the solution you needed all along. Contact us and get the process started today!