Precast concrete modular buildings are gaining popularity for their durability and quick construction compared to wood, masonry, or metal buildings. Unlike steel buildings, precast doesn’t rust. Del Zotto’s precast concrete buildings are made with steel reinforcement in a controlled environment, ensuring high quality and avoiding weather delays. Let’s explore the benefits of the different types of modular buildings Del Zotto has successfully delivered for various projects.

Benefits of Modular Buildings


  • Durability: Precast concrete buildings are the most durable option compared to wood, masonry, or metal. They are strong and long-lasting, providing a reliable solution for various construction needs.
  • Fast Construction: These buildings can be constructed much faster than traditional buildings. Del Zotto’s precast buildings can be assembled in their facility and delivered to the site in one piece, or erected on-site quickly.
  • No Rust: Unlike steel buildings, precast concrete buildings do not rust, ensuring a long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Quality Control: Del Zotto’s precast concrete buildings are manufactured with industry-leading quality controls, ensuring that each building meets the highest standards of quality and durability.
  • Weather Resistance: Since precast concrete buildings are manufactured in a controlled, covered environment, they are unaffected by typical onsite weather delays that can occur with other construction methods.
  • Cost Efficiency: Manufacturing off site provides cost efficiency to your project. The speed of construction also helps in reducing labor costs.
  • Flexibility: Del Zotto offers both insulated and uninsulated walls, providing flexibility in design and lowering construction timelines.
  • Customization: These buildings are built to your specifications. Del Zotto provides shop drawings for customer approval and a reliable delivery date for project completion.
  • Various Applications: Del Zotto’s precast concrete buildings have been used for various projects, including restrooms, telecom buildings, electrical service buildings, pump control buildings, and hazardous material storage buildings.


Past Projects

1. Precast Concrete Restrooms

Del Zotto has provided single and double restroom units with provisions for plumbing. These restrooms are durable, functional, and can be customized to meet specific requirements.

2. Precast Concrete Toilet Vault

The company offers single and double restroom units paired with a Del Zotto Septic Tank below grade. These units include ADA-approved toilet risers, ensuring compliance and accessibility.

3. Communications Buildings for Telecom Companies

Del Zotto has supplied precast concrete modular buildings to serve as termination points and equipment protection along landline and cellular communication routes. These buildings provide secure and reliable infrastructure for telecom companies.

4. Electrical Service Buildings

Precast concrete buildings provide a non-flammable environment for the termination of electrical services, ensuring safety for job sites and permanent industrial operations.

5. Pump Control Buildings

Del Zotto’s modular precast concrete structures can be used for municipal applications such as sewer pump and meter buildings and municipal water supply meter buildings.

6. Hazardous Material Storage Buildings

Modular precast concrete buildings are a perfect solution for the storage of hazardous materials. Their strength and durability are much higher than that of other construction materials, meeting your requirements for storing hazardous materials safely.

Del Zotto Products’ commitment to quality, customization, and industry-leading practices ensures that each building meets the highest standards. Whether for restrooms, telecom buildings, electrical service buildings, pump control buildings, or hazardous material storage buildings, Del Zotto’s modular buildings offer a reliable, efficient, and customizable solution. Contact Del Zotto Products for your next project to experience the benefits of precast concrete modular buildings firsthand!