Precast Concrete buildings provide the most durable option and fastest construction time compared to that of buildings constructed of wood, masonry, or metal.  Unlike Steel sided buildings, Precast buildings have NO RUST.  Del Zotto modular precast concrete buildings are manufactured with industry leading quality controls with steel reinforcement, in a controlled, covered environment that would be unavailable at the job site.  We are unaffected by typical onsite weather delays that frequently occur in the field. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide us the ability to manufacture offsite, providing cost efficiency to your project.  Del Zotto modular precast concrete buildings are built to your specifications.  We offer both insulated and uninsulated walls providing flexibility and lowering construction timelines.  We also provide shop drawings for customer approval and provide a reliable delivery date for project completion.   Typically, these buildings can be assembled in our facility and delivered and set in one piece at the site.  We can also erect the building on-site in a small fraction of the time it would take with other construction methods.

We have provided modular buildings for numerous projects including:

  • Precast Concrete Restrooms
    Single Restroom and Double Restroom units with provisions for plumbing.
  • Precast Concrete Toilet Vault
    Single Restroom and Double Restroom units paired with a Del Zotto Septic Tank below grade.  Building includes ADA approved toilet riser.
  • Communications Buildings for Telecom Companies
    Precast Concrete modular buildings to serve as termination points and equipment protection along landline and cellular communication routes.
  • Electrical Service Buildings
    Precast concrete is non flammable, providing a safe environment for termination of electrical services for jobsites and permanent industrial operations.
  • Pump Control Buildings
    Del Zotto Modular Precast Concrete structures can be used for Municipal applications such as Municipal Sewer pump and meter buildings and Municipal Water Supply meter buildings.
  • Hazardous Material Storage Buildings
    Modular Precast Concrete buildings are a perfect solution for storage of hazardous materials.  The strength and durability are much higher than that of other construction materials.  We will work closely with you to design the building to meet the requirements of the project as there are many hazardous materials require specific features.