Storm drain inlets are used in a variety of ways to collect storm water into drainage infrastructure. Del Zotto manufactures several different types of inlets to meet these needs, such as curb inlets, grate inlets and catch basins, and wye inlets.

Curb Inlets
Available in type BB, type H-2, type C, TX DOT style PCO and PCU inlets, and in various sizes from 5’ to 20’. Also available stage 1.

Catch Basins and Grate Inlets
Available from 18×18” to 8’x8’ and larger, with single or multiple grates. Can be built square, rectangular, and round to meet your requirements.

Wye Inlets (Area Inlet)
Available in various sizes from 2’ x 2’ and larger. Also available in type E and TX DOT PAZD style.

Del Zotto can meet your inlet needs.  We have over 50 years of experience in the precast concrete industry.  Please call your sales representative today for more information.