Del Zotto Products manufactures a full range of Precast Concrete Dunnage blocks, leveling skids, and vessel foundations for various applications in the oil and gas industry.  They are typically used to create a foundation for oil and gas equipment sites keeping equipment off the ground. These versatile pieces can be used in many configurations.  Del Zotto precast concrete dunnage blocks are reinforced with steel and use high quality materials.  Our dunnage blocks are long lasting and designed to withstand the harsh conditions that can be experienced on the jobsite.    We can also build custom pieces for applications that require special designs for complex oil and gas equipment.

Del Zotto Precast Leveling Skids are used on job sites to assist in creating a level foundation for various equipment on oil and gas sites.  Just like Dunnage blocks, these versatile pieces can be used in many configurations and are made of durable steel reinforced precast concrete.

Our Vessel foundations are designed to provide a stable, durable surface for the installation of vessel tanks of any size.  The vessel foundations are engineered to meet the requirements of each application.  Our years of experience building this full range of Precast Concrete Dunnage blocks, leveling skids, and vessel foundations allows us to supply the right solution for your project.

Common sizes include:

Round Vessel FoundationPounds Each
24″ x 4″157
24″ x 10″387
30″ x 4″242
36″ x 4″350
36″ x 6″530
36″ x 12″1,060
48″ x 4″628
48″ x 6″950
48″ x 8″1,255
48″ x 10″1,575
60″ x 6″1,472
60″ x 8″1,963
60″ x 10″2,454
72″ x 8″2,862
72″ x 12″4,253
84″ x 12″5,770
100″ x 12″8,080
102″ x 12″8,507


Dunnage BlockLbs. Ea.
8″x 8″ x 36″200
8″x 8″ x 48″267
6″x 14″x 72″519
10″x 10″ x 72″617
12″x 12″ x 36″450
12″x 12″ x 48″600
12″x 12″ x 72″889
12″x 12″ x 96″1,200

We also produce custom size skids and foundations for any application.  Your Del Zotto sales representative can assist planning your project.

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