The construction industry is using several sustainable solutions, including precast concrete. Here is a brief overview of precast concrete’s sustainability properties and benefits compared to conventional construction materials and methods. 

Environmental Sustainability 

Precast concrete is good for the environment in dozens of ways. Some of the most notable include: 

Less Material Usage 

Precast concrete is built in a controlled environment where environmental conditions are controlled. This environment reduces the quantity of materials used to construct concrete structures as well as increase product quality. Overall, precast concrete reduces wastage by about 50%. 

It is also worth noting that precast concrete can be recycled after its long useful life for a variety of projects such as crushed concrete.


Though the precast concrete is the same as pour in place, the goal is to make the job easier, as already formed concrete is brought to the job site. The forms can be used many times over whereas pouring on-site typically requires wooden forms that are only used once. Precast concrete is a better product as it is made in a controlled environment meaning the weather is not a factor. It is also worth noting that precast concrete is more durable than ordinary concrete due to the tight controls. 

Locally Sourced Materials 

Precast concrete uses locally sourced materials just like ordinary concrete, and the plant where the concrete is produced is usually close to the project’s construction site. While shipping the precast concrete to the construction site leaves a minimal carbon footprint, it is offset by the many other environmental benefits of precast concrete. Precast concrete eliminates the need for all of the materials to be trucked to the job site. 

Social Sustainability 

Precast concrete is also good for the people and society. Its most notable social sustainability benefits include: 

Less Pollution 

Precast concrete produces less waste and has a smaller carbon footprint than pour-in-place concrete products and construction materials. Pollution from construction affects society in multiple ways. For example, excessive mining of construction materials makes the mining areas uninhabitable. Fortunately, precast concrete reduces the need for mining and lowers the overall project time. 

Lessening the Impact of Natural Disasters 

Communities expect our infrastructure like buildings, bridges, and foundations to endure, and above all, safety is the top priority. When disaster strikes, whether natural disasters or other events, we count on our buildings, bridges, and infrastructure to last a long time. Concrete has proven time and again its attributes of strength, durability, resilience, and safety. In many cases, concrete withstands wildfires, hurricanes, tornados, and other high-force winds. Precast concrete helps lessen the effects of natural disasters through modern engineering and the strength and longevity of concrete.

Economic Sustainability 

Precast concrete also saves money for everyone associated with the construction project, including the developer and their tenants. Its most notable economic sustainability benefits include: 


Precast concrete reduces the cost of construction by up to 50%. This saves developers a lot of money, and they pass on the savings to tenants through lower rental prices. It is also worth noting that precast concrete’s durability and recycling properties (combined with fewer maintenance requirements) save everyone a lot of money. 

Energy Conservation 

Precast concrete is more resilient against weather elements such as heat and cold. Buildings constructed using precast concrete reduce their reliance on the HVAC system, saving the inhabitants money on heating and cooling while also reducing the HVAC’s impact on the environment. 


Precast concrete will save you considerable work, time, and money. It will also reduce your pollution footprint on the environment. Del Zotto makes sustainable, high-quality precast concrete products for various residential and commercial product applications. Get in touch today for a free quote or to learn more about our products.