Precast concrete is an incredibly useful material in construction projects of all sizes. Possibly dating back to the Roman aqueducts, the idea of bringing preformed concrete construction materials to a project and assembling them there has allowed for monumental work to be done with significantly less stress and more control. Del Zotto Products of Texas, Inc. continues to provide a superior concrete product to make your plans become reality. 

How is precast concrete manufactured today? Why is this method so effective? Let’s take a look.

What is Precast Concrete?

Precast concrete is usually the same concrete you can pour directly at a job site, but the product is poured and cured in an off-site controlled setting. After being fully set, the precast concrete is transported to and assembled at the job site. 


Precast Concrete Manufacturing

Precast concrete comes from specialized manufacturing facilities. Once a plan has been created for the scope of the project with the client, the factory with the know-how and experience to get your job done right will build your precast concrete pieces. 


Production and Quality Control

The process of manufacturing precast concrete begins with the use of molds and the placement of rebar inside the molds as needed for reinforcement. Concrete used in the production of precast concrete products has a minimum compressive strength of 5000 PSI.   Production is done with a team of skilled professionals using the best equipment in the industry. Concrete is made by mixing  aggregates, cement, water and other additives to promote strength and durability. Each piece of precast concrete will be produced in a controlled environment. During this process, the production quality is ensured by our Quality Control Team. Our attention to detail is shown in every piece we produce. 


After having the concrete poured into the forms, the concrete cures through a process called hydration to its required strength. Again, precast concrete has significant advantages over poured in place projects.  We are able to ensure the conditions are appropriate for maximum strength and durability.


After the production is complete, the pieces of precast concrete are now ready to be transported and assembled at the job site. Although this is not technically part of the manufacturing, this last step is also handled with care to ensure your project is completed on time and to our high standards. We are able to deliver to your job site or arrange for pickup at one of our facilities. 

Why Choose Precast Concrete?

Precast concrete is a suitable choice for many types of concrete construction projects. This would include residential or commercial retaining walls, buildings, septic systems, drainage, and more.

Because precast concrete is manufactured in ideal production conditions, you can be sure you are getting a quality, ready-to-use product. Our manufacturing process uses advanced equipment that ensures that your concrete will not be subject to challenges that can occur during onsite pouring. 

Precast concrete manufacturing begins with careful planning by the customer. Next, production begins after approval of the shop drawings as discussed with our sales team. Finally, the product is ready for delivery or pickup. Every step is taken in a controlled and organized manufacturing facility, so when the precast concrete arrives at your job site, installation can begin right away. 

The professionals here at Del Zotto have been providing our communities with quality building materials through our highly controlled manufacturing process for more than 50 years. Call or stop in today to learn more about how we can use our precast concrete to help you complete your project today.