The construction industry is largely growing. It is constantly changing and the materials are adapting with it, all thanks to technology. This does not just apply to current trends but to structural components as well, such as concrete.

But precast concrete remains a consistent product in the construction industry.  So, what is precast concrete? It is concrete that is cast and constructed in a different location than where it will be used. It has become the go-to material for several reasons, and today, we’ll be reviewing why precast concrete is chosen by many. 

1. Quality Assurance

In construction, quality is everything. Our precast concrete is produced using advanced equipment and processes, making it free from errors that may occur in onsite pouring. The whole process is well regulated and controlled, meaning there is no room for error to creep in. More so, the finished product is tested and verified to ensure that it meets specific requirements.

2. Cost-Effective

Did you know that you can save up to 30% on the cost by using precast concrete? That is a huge saving you can make! It goes to show that precast concrete construction is not just reliable but affordable. Additionally, the equipment used in construction can be expensive, not to mention the labor costs you would incur if the products were produced on-site.

3. Durable

Precast concrete is made using a combination of Portland Cement, steel reinforcement, and chemical additives to make sure that it is strong. This allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions and other physical abuses that may occur. It remains intact, always!

4. Time-Saving

Construction projects can take considerably longer if everything is done on-site. Since precast concrete is made in a controlled environment and can be brought to the site as needed,  you can focus your energy on other areas of your projects. We’ll take care of the precast concrete. We’ll work with you on pickup or delivery. Remember, you dig, Del Zotto delivers! 

5. Versatile

With traditional construction, the walls tend to be thicker and take an extended time to be built. The good thing with precast concrete is that it can be molded into different sizes and shapes. Also, it can be used in many applications, such as for floors, stairs, beams, septic tanks, storm shelters, steps, park stops, parking curbs, etc. So much so, that it is aesthetically pleasing and can be adapted to nearly anything concrete is required for.

7. Low Maintenance

Precast concrete is very low maintenance. Whether you choose to use it in making a concrete pipe, concrete culvert, culvert end, or even a concrete manhole, it will stand the test of time. It maintains its shape, doesn’t rust, and does not erode easily. Additionally, it does not even need painting regularly as you might do for other structures. As a result, it will give you the value of your money and much more.

8. Eco-Friendly

‘Going green’ is on many minds, and we understand the importance. Precast concrete is one of the most eco-friendly materials because of its durability. You won’t have to worry about replacing it for years to come. Secondly, there is little waste compared to the waste generated for on-site pours. Lastly, it is thermal friendly, reducing high heating and cooling loads.

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If you are planning your next project, consider precast concrete as your go-to material. It will save you money, and time and make the whole construction process a breeze. At Del Zotto, we guarantee you world-class precast concrete always. Contact us today, and we will craft the perfect precast concrete for your commercial and residential buildings or utility project.