Happy New Year! 

At Del Zotto Precast Concrete, we are excited to announce our new expansion of our pipe and box culvert manufacturing facility, located in Houston!

We’re excited to expand our new pipe and box culvert manufacturing facility for a couple of reasons. First of all, this not only increases but improves, Del Zotto’s production capability. Secondly, this will bring more high-quality pipe production to the greater Houston area! We look forward to being a part of the greater Houston area’s manufacturing community, as well as being able to contribute to it! 

Production is now operational and we cannot thank our clients enough, as this venture would not have been possible without your support! 

So, what does this mean for you?

We will be even better positioned to meet your needs in the greater Houston area. Our reinforced concrete box culverts are able to drain larger volumes of water in applications where an alternative to reinforced concrete pipe is needed. Del Zotto produces standard box culvert ranging in size from 3-feet to 12-feet.  We also specialize in supplying precast concrete products that require special design and non-standard sizes.  We have the knowledge and manufacturing ability to meet the requirements of any project.   

Our precast concrete box culvert prevents drainage issues that other products can’t stop. Our customers use precast concrete box culverts for applications like culverts, storm drains and storm sewers. And we appreciate that they do! Box culverts also make for a great substitute for a traditional bridge when being used to build tunnels. 

Like all of our box culverts, the box culverts in our expanded manufacturing facility will meet or exceed all ASTM and AASHTO standards, as well as the most stringent local requirements. 

Reinforced concrete pipe also helps drainage. As we’ve written before, reinforced concrete pipe helps move storm runoff water or wastewater underground and ultimately into an inlet. And just like always, the pipe produced in our expanded facility will be a minimum of 5,000 PSI that meets or exceeds standard specifications for precast concrete, as well as TXDOT requirements.

You may also remember that reinforced concrete pipe also moves wastewater underground. Of course, the concrete pipe carrying  storm drainage runoff and pipes carrying wastewater to a treatment plant are located in two completely different systems.  We can supply all of your precast concrete needs including Precast Concrete Catch Basins, Precast Drainage Inlets, Interceptors and more!  

But perhaps the best part about our expanded facility and its products, like all of our products, is that we stand by their superiority to other materials. Precast concrete pipes and culverts will stand the test of time. They’ll last for years. So whether you need a new culvert on your next Road or bridge project, or you’d like reinforced concrete pipe to run under your driveway, you’re taken care of. You dig, Del Zotto delivers. And we’re happy to continue delivering to you!