What kinds of products can you manufacture with precast concrete?

Precast concrete is an ideal choice for many different products and applications. We offer steps, storm shelters, splash blocks, and septic tanks for homeowners and contractors. Small business owners and retail managers may be interested in curb stops or even concrete modular buildings. For civil and infrastructure applications, concrete culverts and pipes are a great choice. Long story short, whether you’re building a new home, establishing a business, or developing a city, there’s a Del Zotto concrete product for you.

 How long does precast concrete last?

Precast concrete becomes stronger over time. The concrete continues to slowly “cure” year after year. Some concrete structures have stood for hundreds of years! Furthermore, when precast, concrete is extremely resistant to corrosion, keeps its shape over time, and does not rust.

Can I use it to construct a new building?

Yes! We manufacture precast concrete wall panels that make expanding your facilities easier than ever. We design the panels to your exact specifications, then deliver them to the project site.

Do I need to pick up my product(s) myself?

We offer delivery of your finished concrete products to your job site. Some restrictions may apply.

How do I maintain my concrete product(s)?

Precast concrete is easy to maintain. The finish is durable, and concrete will never rust or corrode.  You can also paint precast concrete. Typically, the only maintenance required is an occasional cleaning. A standard garden hose will suffice for smaller products like steps or curbs, and you may use a pressure washer for larger applications.

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