As construction costs continue to soar, precast concrete may be your best option cost-wise for your next home or commercial project.

But what exactly is precast concrete? We’re glad you asked.

Precast concrete, simply defined, is created away from where it will be used or installed.

So if you’re in need of new front steps, for example, the steps are made in our facility, a controlled environment, away from the project site. If your business is in need of new parking curbs, you can pick them up or have them delivered to your parking lot, instead of having a crew at your business with multiple people working on multiple tasks.

One reason some may tell you not to purchase precast concrete is because of how heavy the resulting product may be. Imagine the weight of your new septic tank! But with Del Zotto’s delivery, you don’t have to worry about moving your new precast concrete septic tank, reinforced concrete pipe or other structure. Just remember to arrange for any digging that needs to take place. You dig, Del Zotto delivers!

In our controlled environment at our facility, we’ll create your precast concrete product using both the wetcast and drycast methods. This means we mix cement, water, rock and sand, as well as some other materials using a scientific ratio, to create the perfect mixture. Then we place our mixture in our precise forms to give you the exact product you ordered.

We’ve said it before, but we stand by how consistent and trustworthy our manufacturing process is! Using our tested and proven forms, we can guarantee you a better product than a typical pour-in-place project! We can control and monitor the quality of our products much more efficiently in our facility, and we’re happy to bring you success that way. Besides, precast concrete requires less labor than hiring a crew to come to your project site.

And we guarantee that your precast concrete product will stand the test of time, unlike products made from other materials such as plastic, rubber, and wood. 

Once you’ve had your precast concrete product delivered or picked up at any of our plant locations, you can install it immediately! You don’t have to wait for anything to set, for example. Plus, our process allows us to make many copies of the same product over and over. This comes in handy when you’re ordering multiple parking curbs, as we mentioned above, or if you’re a contractor who liked the last product we delivered for you and want predictable quality, convenience, and support that Del Zotto Precast Concrete can provide

Now that you have a helpful rundown of precast concrete products, browse our products and send us a note today! And make sure to sign up for our email updates so you never miss anything new at Del Zotto Products!