Concrete modular buildings have many uses. They’re great for storage, where equipment or even chemicals can be kept away from the elements. They can feature everything from air conditioning and running water, to the basic four walls and a concrete slab.

Perhaps the best part about modular buildings is that they’re low-maintenance. While you should care for everything at your home and/or business, you have to admit that a modular precast concrete building on your property is very low maintenance.

That having been said, will not spend as much time constructing your modular building as you would on your home or even your garage. Still, once you have built your modular building, you don’t want to worry about building maintenance or damage.

And this is where we introduce you to precast concrete modular buildings. Unlike a building made from steel, your precast concrete modular building won’t rust. Something such as a flying rock or hailstorm can’t damage your modular building when it’s made of concrete. The modular building’s concrete roof is especially protected from the elements.

Concrete buildings are great for storage but that isn’t their only use. You may be on the market for a pump house, an electrical control building that can be built apart from a manhole lift station, or Utility building. A precast concrete pump house is the safest place to keep your gear, meters and pump equipment. This is a sure way to know your equipment will be safe and protected from outside elements and vandalism.

Del Zotto Precast Concrete can build your concrete modular building in a day, from a concrete slab you already have in-ground or set the completed building on your prepped site in one piece.

Del Zotto’s concrete modular buildings are manufactured with quality controls in a controlled environment, meaning that weather delays won’t affect your modular building project. After its construction, your concrete modular building can pull away on a trailer and travel any distance to reach you in just a few hours requiring only site prep to be completed in advance and a crane to set the building. If you’d rather have us come to your site, we can have your modular building erected in a day or two.

Simplicity isn’t your only option, either. Your concrete modular building can include walls that are insulated or not insulated. We can cast a hole for an air conditioner. We can easily build a waterless restroom, also known as a toilet vault, on your site with a Del Zotto Precast Concrete Holding tank and build the modular building above the tank. Your contractor can add water and electricity to your building easily as well.

Once your concrete building is constructed and complete, good news: We promise that our new modular building will be low-to-no maintenance.

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