Precast concrete products are an efficient, cost-effective way to complete your large projects. The word “precast” refers to the process used to manufacture the products. Instead of casting the concrete on-site, the manufacturer uses a reusable mold or form to cast the product in an environmentally controlled facility. This process provides greater control over the quality of the products. Furthermore, by avoiding potential complications with the work site, precast concrete offers a more reliable solution. Finally, thanks to the reusability of the product molds, precast concrete products are generally less costly to a project.

Benefit #1: Product Quality

Pour-in-place concrete involves several risks. Environmental factors such as precipitation, temperature, humidity, and so on can cause issues with the curing process. An onset of bad weather may force you to delay your project. Even worse, bad weather during your project can ruin the durability of the concrete.

Because precast concrete products are manufactured in a controlled environment, it is possible to ensure their quality throughout the process. This is how precast products offer optimal durability and strength. By removing the risk of environmental factors, we can consistently produce high-quality concrete products.

Benefit #2: Reliability

The reusable molds we use allow us to provide exact dimensions and specifications for our products. If you build your materials on-site for a pour-in-place project, your result may not be your intended project design.

You’ll find that our off site production is a “one-and-done” situation. For example, say your contractor forms and pours a set of concrete steps for your new house, but you don’t like the finished product. Fixing the issue would involve demolishing and removing the current steps and starting the whole process over again. With precast concrete products, you can review the product prior to installation.

Benefit #3: Efficiency

Casting concrete on-site is often a tedious process. The contractor must take several measurements, construct the form, and ensure the form is perfectly set up in the field before they even begin pouring the concrete. As mentioned, factors such as weather and landscape can cause significant delays in the entire process.

Precast products avoid these issues altogether. Instead of rebuilding the same form over and over at each site, we can pour any number of identical products. This not only allows you to complete your projects more efficiently, but saves cost as well. Plus, the precast process helps reduce on-site waste.

All in all, precast concrete products make it easier for you to complete your project. The job gets done sooner, lasts longer, and costs less! Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, or business owner, you can enjoy the benefits of precast concrete. Contact us today to request a quote. Also, check us out on Facebook