Parking curbs are known by many terms: Parking Stops, Curb Stops, Wheel Bumper, Wheel Stop, among others. 

As simple as it may sound, it’s important to keep a detail like parking curbs in mind when owning or managing a property. Even if the property itself features top-quality facade, other issues can cause problems for you, your tenants, and/or their clients. After investing in your landscape or building, you don’t want it to become damaged by a vehicle accident. 

This is where your parking controls come in. The parking lot is likely the first thing a client (or your tenant’s client) sees on your property. A parking lot that appears unkempt, disorganized, or otherwise rough-looking doesn’t reflect well on your business. Visitors may feel uncertain about where to park, worry about the safety of their vehicle, or complain about the parking conditions. You would also hate for a simple parking lot accessory, the parking curb, missing from your lot to be the reason for damage to your landscape or building. One person’s foot slips off a brake pedal, and months of repairs ensue. 


Safety & Usability

Not having a parking curb, or “curb stop,” makes it more difficult for visitors to park their vehicle. Not only does a curb or curb stop provide a visual reference for parking your car, but it also provides a “last resort” that prevents vehicles from rolling onto the sidewalk, into another vehicle or into your building. 

Let’s say you don’t install a parking curb. One driver may pull too far up in their space and roll into the next vehicle. As the business owner, now you have to mediate the resulting automobile accident. 


Aesthetic Appeal

Curbs and curb stops simply provide a more attractive, well-maintained appearance to your parking lot. Combined with a concrete sidewalk, a curb can help incorporate the parking lot with the rest of the property. You don’t want your parking area to appear as an “afterthought” to the rest of the building, especially if you take pride in your property.


At Del Zotto, we have several options for long-lasting, durable precast concrete curbs and curb stops. Our curbs are factory-direct and American made. You can order as little or as many curbs at a time as you need, to facilitate a few parking spaces or a large parking lot. Our parking curbs are ready for delivery or pickup. And you don’t have to worry. Once your parking curbs arrive at your business, they are easy to install. 

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