Not every home is built with a storm cellar or basement, and that’s okay. But when the next Texas Tornado comes to town, you want to know that you and your family are safe. Chances are, you would like to stay safe without having to cram together in a crawl space, closet or bathroom. 

This is why we offer precast concrete storm shelters, both built for in-ground and above-ground. Our storm shelters are sealed from the elements, properly vented and, obviously, built without windows for safety. This makes each option the safest place to go during a Texas twister. 

Your first priority when purchasing a storm shelter is safety. This makes durable, solid concrete your best choice. Your storm shelter will withstand Texas’ strongest storms. Our storm shelters also come with a childproof lock, giving your family that extra peace of mind when you need it the most. Not to mention, our products never rust, so your shelter is your truest protection in the worst of storms, but it never has to cross your mind when the weather is nice!

Once you’ve chosen a storm shelter, the next question is, how do you install it? Our experienced professionals can complete installation, or you can purchase one at any Del Zotto plant. However, if you want your in-ground shelter buried for increased safety, remember: that You Dig, Del Zotto delivers. Our underground shelters are built at 80-inches tall, 142-inches long and 64-inches wide. Keeping the dimensions and the safest conditions in mind, we suggest digging 3 ½ to 4-feet underground leaving the door, top of the shelter, and venting exposed. 

You can also call and arrange an appointment for our professionals to come to your home or business, and see where you want to install either your above-ground or in-ground shelter. In this instance, you know where to dig a shallow hole should you need to do so, and everyone is prepared. 

Having a safe tornado shelter is important, but so is survival, and even convenience. You may wonder, does comfort really matter during Texas’ worst weather? Well, comfort may cross your mind while waiting out hours of storms and sirens. For this reason, we offer bench seating. Our shelters are also vented to ensure your proper air flow — while keeping a tight seal at every seam.

Installing your storm shelter is just the first step to staying prepared. Once your storm shelter is in place, gather supplies to store there: flashlights, a radio, batteries and even an external cellphone battery are just some examples. Also stock your shelter with bottled water, canned fruits and vegetables, and other canned goods like meats, soups and ravioli/pasta. Other foods such as a jar of peanut butter, some nuts, jerky, trail mix and other dry foods are also great for these situations. If you have pets or babies, store appropriate supplies, food and formula for them, too. FEMA recommends keeping five days’ worth of food on hand.

Show your children where their new storm shelter is located, and write up a family emergency plan. You may even practice a “family drill,’ so that everyone is prepared. Make sure your closest relatives, friends and neighbors also see your storm shelter or, at the very least, know where it’s located. In the absolute worst case of destruction, they’ll know where and how to find you this way. 

At Del Zotto, we don’t hope for the worst situations, but we help you plan for them. We are here to ensure your safety, your family’s safety and your peace of mind.

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