Happy Holiday Shopping Season!

If you’re a business owner, there are a variety of ways you may be preparing for the Christmas season. You may be decorating and setting out merchandise, or preparing for the influx at your distribution center. Maybe you’re a contractor making sure your own business customers’ needs are met.

Don’t forget the items in the background. These will both look fresher to your customers’ attention to detail, and keep everyone safe, both this holiday season — and beyond.

Besides, by purchasing these products, you’re supporting a local business and Texas-made products, yourself!

1.) Front Steps

Speaking of your storefront, how do your front door’s steps look? Your customers will notice the eyesore of cracked or rusting steps as they step inside your business. Not to mention, talk about safety — the last thing you need this Christmas is to be held liable in someone’s fall on your business’ front stoop.

If you need new steps out front this holiday, don’t order steps made from a material that you’ll need to replace down the road. Our precast concrete steps have lasted for 50 years, meaning you may never have to order them again.

2.) Parking Curbs

We’ve said it before: if your parking curbs are still cracked from last year, they’re not just in need of updating to be easier on the eyes. Your current parking curbs may pose a danger to your customers.

But what if you’re not using parking curbs in your parking lot at all? Even a small amount of ice or a cold wet road this winter can cause parking lot collisions. Parking curbs provide a level of safety and prevent you from liability in the case of a parking lot fender-bender.

It doesn’t just come down to in-climate weather. If the driver of a car has a medical emergency, the parking curb may stop them from driving directly into your building or minimize the ultimate damage.

If you find only one or two parking curbs in rough shape, don’t wait until you have to update your whole lot!

At Del Zotto, you can order one or a few parking curbs, or your whole lot’s worth. Like all of our products, parking curbs are made from a mold in a controlled environment and ready to install. Installation is easy, so your parking lot will look fresh in no time. Not to mention, your parking lot will keep everyone safe — keeping you safe from liability, and your storefront and customers safe from crashes.

3.) Concrete Buildings

Stop keeping your business’ storage items in the shed outback. That shed may be an eyesore as it is — or worse, deteriorating.

A new, precast concrete building is a great way to store goods and may be safer than where your storage was. It will keep any chemicals you need to keep in storage away from your business space keeping them out of the elements. Your other storage items will be kept safe too. The low maintenance of a concrete building is unbeatable.

Plus, your new modular building will last decades. While your items will be protected from the elements, kept dry, and kept safe, you won’t have to worry about replacing the structure anytime soon.

Are you managing a park for the holidays? We can create buildings that include everything from toilet vaults to full bathrooms to give your guests comfort.

Or, we can also customize wall panels for a variety of commercial buildings that fit your custom needs. From retail to manufacturing facilities to distribution centers, our commercial buildings bring no worries for weather delays.

We provide reliability from our controlled manufacturing site with steel reinforcement, and we’ll provide you with one less thing to worry about on your building project before we deliver on a reliable date that meets your needs. If you wonder how much we believe in our own precast concrete wall panels — we made our own facility with them!