We already know that unlike materials such as plastic or wood, Del Zotto’s precast concrete products won’t rust or crack over time. But in addition to guaranteed durability, did you know that many precast concrete products actually get stronger over time?! Read on to learn this fun fact in concrete, and don’t forget to contact us for a free quote today for your next precast concrete need.

When our precast concrete products are created in our controlled environment, our team makes sure that each of our products meet strict engineering standards. Then the products are delivered to the site — or purchased from us as a pickup order — and installed. Here, they will withstand weather, fire and just the overall effects of time. But not only will your precast concrete septic tank, parking curb, or any of our other products withstand all that time brings. Your precast concrete product will become stronger and stronger over time! 

Contrary to popular belief, concrete — well, the cement in concrete — requires water, not drying, to set, cure and harden. In this industry, the chemical reaction that occurs and produces heat as it progresses is called hydration. We make sure to use the perfect water-to-cement ratio to achieve the most durable concrete products for you.

Want to know the other factor that works to strengthen concrete? Time! As hydration reactions become slower over the course of time, stronger bonds form to determine the concrete’s strength, and the plasticity decreases. This means that long after Del Zotto delivers your reinforced concrete pipe, the pipe can still be increasing in strength. It may even be strengthening over the course of several years! Even though it takes time to determine concrete products’ strength before installation, the strength and durability of each of our products will be guaranteed and tested by the time of your purchase. This is done through industry standard compression testing as part of our first class product quality control program.

Of course, the environment of where your precast concrete product is installed also contributes to how much more it may cure or strengthen over time. If both moisture and favorable temperatures are present, your concrete product is more likely to continue strengthening. That extra strengthening may pause during colder and dryer periods, and continue to strengthen when more moisture and warmer temperatures return. It’s also hard to quantify just how much stronger your concrete product becomes as time goes on. The specific amount of strengthening over time that occurs may be extremely small. 

But not to worry! When you purchase a precast concrete product from Del Zotto Precast Concrete, you’re already purchasing a product that’s guaranteed to last you for years, that you know won’t rust or crack as those years go on. 

Del Zotto Precast Concrete’s products are available for delivery or pickup and are easy to install. Remember that You Dig, Del Zotto Delivers, and contact us for a free quote for your own precast concrete needs, today!