We love telling you about how precast concrete outlasts other materials because it’s true!
But did you know that precast concrete is also considered the safer choice?

In fact, one reason that precast concrete is safe is because of that same superior quality that we love to boast about. Because our concrete products are precast, the quality is better and more consistent. As we produce our products in a controlled environment, we are not subject to the elements and variables on the jobsite. Our work has more consistency than if we were pouring on-site. This allows for one standard design that everyone on the crew knows and can meet.

All of these factors add to the safety aspect! As precast concrete is created in a controlled environment, there are fewer contractors at the worksite, and less equipment onsite as well. Factors like noise and other safety hazards can be controlled. Crews don’t have to ship and store raw materials at the project site. And with all of this, we also eliminate having to bring forms, wastage or other materials to the project site as well.

Then there’s the fact that concrete is especially eco-friendly. Compared to other materials, concrete outranks in energy efficiency over its decades or even centuries of a lifetime. The concrete’s thermal inertia lets it both absorb and store extra cold or heat. This may save up to 15 percent of heating energy in a building’s heating energy. It can save even more in cooling energy!

Now, you’ve not only chosen the product with superior quality and effectiveness, you’ve also chosen the safest product for your site and for your future. At Del Zotto Products, Not only do we meet the most stringent of standards, our team will meet or exceed your expectations from start to finish.

For your concrete needs, don’t just choose the durable material that will last a lifetime. Choose the safest and most effective means to complete your project!