At Del Zotto Products of Texas, we are your Precast Concrete supplier. The best part about precast concrete is that with products that are ready for pickup or delivery, your contractor can count on us to have the products you need at the time you need them. 

Even if you’re independently ordering your next precast concrete product, there’s a chance you are not the sole decision maker when it comes to your next set of parking curbs, reinforced concrete pipe or your new precast concrete septic tank.

You already know that precast concrete is extremely durable, lasting for decades and that precast concrete is the superior choice in materials for your next project. But whether you’re sitting down to chat with your contractor, customer, spouse or just to have a talk with yourself, make these decisions first. 

  • The Project Deadline

The best part about Del Zotto’s precast concrete parking curbs is that they’re ready for pickup or delivery. But don’t forget that when it comes to a precast concrete septic tank or reinforced concrete pipe, the digging portion of the work is something you must arrange with the contractor of your choice ahead of time. You dig, Del Zotto delivers!

Even if you’re stopping by to purchase an order of precast concrete parking curbs all at once, it’s good to communicate the project’s completion date.  We can meet the demands of projects of all sizes. f you want your storefront updated by spring, for example, that’s a different plan than fixing some unsafe parking curbs that need to be replaced sooner than later.

  • The Product Differences

    Consider Del Zotto’s precast concrete septic tanks. There are various tanks and various sizes — and our tanks meet the local requirements. The septic system designer will plan the septic system and we are able to supply the precast concrete septic tanks required for the system.

Read our quick rundown of septic systems here

  • Installation Arrangements

    Our precast concrete products are easy to install and more durable than plastic, metal, and clay alternatives. But just like the building supplies store doesn’t install windows, we don’t install septic tanks, culverts, or reinforced concrete pipe. We are your supplier and will deliver onsite promptly.  You can also pick up your order at our facilities. 
    If you’re working on a state or city project, chances are you already have this arranged! If you’re ordering a new septic system for your home or business — or your client’s home or business — this is just a necessary step you want to take to bring them success.

    Just so there are no surprises on delivery day, let us reiterate: You Dig, Del Zotto Delivers! 

We don’t doubt communication will go as smooth as the purchasing of our reinforced concrete products — whether it’s a septic system, reinforced concrete pipe, storm shelter, or something else! But don’t forget that through the whole process, communication is key. That brings every project success.